The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers several incentives to buyers:

Good Neighbor Next Door Program - An excellent HUD program that is available to teachers, police officers, fire fighters and emergency medical responders.  For more information see: GNND Program

FHA's Property Rehabilitation (203K) Finance Program - FHA is a government agency that offers mortgage insurance to lenders to encourage them to help finance loans for moderate income borrowers, borrowers with some blemishes on their credit history, and homebuyers who do not want to pay a large downpayment for the purchase of their home. FHA does not lend money. It does though offer different types of mortgage insurance to lenders, to help them offer financing which can meet the unique needs of some homebuyers. FHA's Property Rehabilitation Program, often referred to as "203k" is an example of this type of program.  For more information see:  203k Finance Program


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