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Your Loan Application

What To Take With You To Your Loan Application 

  • Employer(s) address(es) - for the past two years
  • Current year-to-date pay stubs
  • Previous two years’ W-2 forms
  • Banks’ names, mailing addresses and account numbers.
  • (FHA Loans - two months’ bank statements on all accounts:  checking, savings, mutual funds, stocks, etc.)
  • Creditors’ names, addresses and account numbers for all debts presently owed, including credit cards.
  • Copy of monthly mortgage statement on current home or the loan number and mortgage company and address.
  • Copy of sales contract on property being sole.
  • FHA Loans:  Photo I.D. and Social Security card
  • VA Loans:  V.A. Certification of Eligibility and D.D. 214 (discharge papers)
  • Residences and landlord names and addresses for past two years.
  • Money required for appraisal and credit report.